Research Associate | Social Psychology | University of Kent


I am a Research Associate and member of the Society for the Psychology of Human-Animal Intergroup Relations (PHAIR), with expertise in social and moral psychology, as well as computational methods and natural language processing. I received my BSc in Psychology from the University of York, and MSc and PhD in Psychology from the University of Kent.

My work seeks to understand the boundaries we set around individuals and groups that we consider deserving of moral consideration–our moral circles. I study this because a more expansive moral circle has the potential to lead to greater empathy and altruism, as well as more inclusive and equitable societies.

I take a broad and interdisciplinary approach to my work, using experiments and large-scale computational methods to understand how we, as individuals and societies, consider outgroups, animals, and the environment. My work can be found in peer-reviewed journals such as: Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Cognition, British Journal of Psychology, and Social Personality and Psychological Science.

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